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Complete ICT services package

From Consultancy to Procurement, from Project Management to Asset Management and Recovery, from Marketing to Security, Biksafe provides all the ICT services your business needs to help it run smoothly. For the Home user, we are there 24-7 for all your computer worries. Biksafe is a company that puts you first – for service, advice and support.

Technical and consultancy

Biksafe is dedicated to making use of the latest technologies, methods and skills to deliver effective and creative solutions.

Biksafe’s creative use of technologies enables us to deliver real value (both in terms of user experience and rapid response). We are constantly striving to make the best use of the opportunities which new technology presents whilst clearly understanding that enhancing the users’ experience of a site is of paramount importance.

Biksafe's team

The production team at Biksafe have all the skills needed to build and maintain quality web sites. These include a thorough understanding of all the languages of website.

We also have a wide range of skills within the design team.


We have further augmented our strategic capabilities as part of our ongoing commitment to offer clients the best strategic advice in the business.

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